A downloadable game for Windows

You are a girl who, due to the extreme poverty of your family, lives in one of the worst zones  in a third world country. One day, you are given magic powers, and you leave your house with the decision to change your life.

Where will your decisions lead you?

This  game was made for VenezuelaDuelJam, but unfortunately, we couldn't finish our idea in the given time. This is an extremely early alpha, so it hangs in the first decision you should take.  PowerOfChoiceAlpha.rar is the version that we managed to upload in time for the Jam.

We uploaded a new version that works (roughly) as intended! PowerOfChoiceDefinitive.rar is the version we managed to complete with a little more time.

Use the arrows to move in the menú, and space key to select an option.

Ingame, move with arrow keys, and jump with space.

Made by:

-Carlos Infante (Music, SFX, aditional art, aditional programming).

-Daniel Varela (Art).

-Juan Ortiz (Programming, game design).


PowerOfChoiceAlpha.rar 15 MB
PowerOfChoiceDefinitive.rar 15 MB